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My name is Christal VanEtten and you can call me your Content Oracle Consultant.

In creating my brand and blog while maintaining a full-time marketing job, I found myself constantly worn out doing double the marketing work unrealistic for one person. It was this path to burnout that led to the blog devolving from an entertainment review site to a personal blog form. Don't worry. It gave room for positive changes!
Through this journey, I heavily nurtured an eye and skill sets for digital content creation, marketing strategy, and writing. As I've pivoted away from marketing roles in a full-time sense, I find myself more saturated this knowledge I've accumulated and processed for the last 10 years. I'm ready to share what I know with you!

About Premonition Media & Consultations

I, through The Superghoul, created Premonition Media & Consultations after numerous friends and colleagues came to me for video edits and/or feedback of channels. Through Premonition, expect a range of service types through media creation and consultations (video edits, photo edits, page design, etc). Service types are subject to rotate and limited booking slots released.